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foto prodotto campania aglianico rosato di terre d&
foto prodotto campania aglianico rosato di terre d'aione I.G.T.


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Campania Aglianico Rosé IGT from Terre D'aione , a rosé wine produced mainly with the Aglianico vine, a variety of red berried grapes and represents a perfect combination of elegance and freshness.

For the production of Campania Aglianico Rosato IGT by Terre D'Aione, a careful selection of the grapes and a short maceration of the skins are required, in order to extract only a slight quantity of color and tannins.

Technical information:

  • Denomination: Campania Aglianico Rosato IGT

  • Grape variety: 100% Aglianico.

  • Vineyard location: in the areas of the province of Avellino in particular Paternopoli, Campania.

  • Vineyard exposure and altitude: south-east at 500/550m asl

  • Nature of the soil: mainly clayey, sandy, calcareous.

  • Vine training: espalier with guyot or spurred cordon pruning.

  • Plant density: 3000 plants per hectare.

  • Area: 2 hectares.

  • Average age of the vine: 15 years.

  • Yield per hectare: 90q.

  • Vinification techniques: the grapes are destemmed, crushed and left in steel tanks for alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature for a period of 12-24 hours in order to allow the skins to release only a part of the coloring substances they contain, practicing one or two replacements. We proceed with racking to stop the release of coloring substances and it is fermented at low temperatures.

  • First vintage produced: 2014.

  • Pairing : it is very versatile in terms of culinary combinations. Thanks to its acidity and freshness, it can go well with a variety of dishes, such as salads, appetizers, fish, seafood, white meats and light dishes. It can also be enjoyed on its own as a sipping wine.
  • Serving temperature : between 9°C and 13°C. An adequate serving temperature helps to enhance the aromas and flavors of the wine.
  • Tasting: be careful and patient to uncork the bottle half an hour before tasting to favor the oxygenation of any reduction notes due to the winemaking process.
    To best appreciate it, preferably use a medium-sized goblet with a sufficiently large light to favor the diffusion of the perfumes.

These are just suggestions but it is important to underline that wine tasting is a completely subjective experience, so follow your personal tastes and enjoy YOUR journey to discover our Aglianico Rosato.

  • Appearance : it has an intense pink colour
  • Bouquet : the aromatic aspects can be traced back to an aroma of strawberries, cherries, raspberries, pomegranates, citrus fruits and flowers, but hints of herbs or light spices can also emerge.
  • Taste : On the palate it is dry and slightly sweet and there are fruity and fresh notes, with a good acidity which contributes to the vivacity of the wine, with a softer and rounder flavor and a perceptible sweetness.
  • Body and structure : it has a medium full body
  • Lightness and freshness: Rosé wine is generally characterized by a light and fresh sensation in the mouth. This characteristic often makes it a popular choice for summer or as an aperitif wine.

Campania Aglianico Rosato I.G.T.

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