About Us


The history of our family, the Carpenitos , is that of a family of winemakers who have been looking after and cultivating the land for over 150 years to give life to fine wines. With our Terre D'Aione company we continue to hand down this tradition from generation to generation and above all the great love for the Tufo hills and all of Irpinia .


In 2006, Angelo Carpenito with his wife Lia and brother-in-law Raffaele Izzo decided to keep for themselves the prized grapes of their estates, which until then had been given to the great producers of the area.

This is how our Terre D'Aione winery was born: the crowning of the dream of Pellegrino , Angelo's father, and the natural continuation of our history that has been going on for over 150 years .

Terre D'Aione today is much more than a winery: it is the expression of our passion for the area.

Each of our bottles is an invitation to share with us our history made of tradition , authenticity, beauty and innovation .


Where does the name of our winery come from? From the memories of our childhood: Pellegrino Carpenito , the first of the family who made the company a business project, used to tell us children stories of ancient heroes.

There was, in particular, the one on the deeds of a Lombard prince, Aione II , who in the 11th century had built a tower – Turris Aionis – a bulwark against the incursions of barbarians and aggressors from other districts.

Pellegrino told us of the courage of the prince, with which he defended peasants, villages and vineyards of Tufo.

We have therefore decided to pay homage to the history of our family and our territory which, in our own way, we still try to protect and protect today.


Trying to reconstruct the salient events, we will take you on a discovery of the milestones that defined the company's growth path.

From the roots, starting from 1867 - passing through the expansion of the vineyards and the introduction of new grape varieties by his son Pellegrino - up to the recognition of the Irpine DOCG in 1975 and the production of wine by his son Angelo, the current owner of the company.

Along the way we will see the expansion of the company structure, the inauguration of a tasting room and the addition of new products to the range.

Whether you are a wine enthusiast or simply curious about the company's roots, this short time-line will take you on a journey through the history and legacy of the Carpenito family.


"The Roots of Tradition"

In 1867, the great-great-grandfather Angelo Carpenito bought the first one-hectare vineyard, located in the picturesque countryside of Irpinia.

He plants the first grape cuttings, laying the foundations for the winemaking tradition of the Carpenito family.


"From Passion to Expansion"

In 1920, Angelo's son, Pellegrino, took over the reins of the family business and decided to expand the wine production.

Pellegrino buys more vineyards expanding the size of the company and introducing the cultivation of red grapes alongside the white ones.


"The Mastery of the Earth"

Over the years, Pellegrino's successor, Angelo Carpenito, became a farmer specialized in cutting vine grafting.

With the aim of ensuring a superior quality of grapes, Angelo continues to purchase additional vineyards and implements cutting-edge agricultural practices.


"Collaboration that leads to success"

In 1960, Angelo's son Pellegrino began to deliver the grapes to the first local producers, paving the way for collaboration with other wineries and the expansion of the commercial network.


"Recognition and Ambition"

In 1975, following the Saragat decree, the three Irpine DOCGs were recognised: Greco, Fiano and Taurasi.

This acknowledgment initiates a new project within the Carpenito company, focused on the transformation of the grapes and on the marketing of the wine.


"From dream to reality"

In 2006, Pellegrino Carpenito's idea was finally realized by his son Angelo, the current owner of the company.

Angelo, together with his collaborators, produces the first 12,000 bottles of wine, expanding the range of products offered and increasing the number of owned vineyards.


"Hospitality and tasting"

Over the years the corporate structure has been expanded to welcome guests and offer a tasting experience.

In 2015, a tasting room was built, which has now become an accommodation facility that organizes events related to the products and the territory.


"The complete expression of taste"

In 2020, the range of Carpenito products is completed with the production of Grappa di Greco di Tufo in barriques and Spumante Brut.

These new additions bring the company's annual production to around 80,000 bottles.